Euthanasia in Tasmania - Assisted suicide in Tasmania - Dying with Dignity in Tasmania

Legal viewpoints
Viewpoints from eminent Tasmanians...
Legal viewpoints

Tasmanian legal practitioners and academics explore the issue of patient rights and the threat to the community in removing long standing legal protections

Legal perspectives
William Cox

Hon. William Cox

Former Governor of Tasmania and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

In a submission to the Joint Standing Committee on Community Development on the Dying with Dignity Bill in 2009, the Hon. William Cox succinctly expressed his opposition to euthanasia on the basis of the ever present risks to the frail and the elderly and that the legalisation of what has for centuries been regarded as Murder can never be justified | Read more...

Jeremy Prichard

Dr Jeremy Prichard

Lecturer in Criminology and Criminal Law, UTAS

Dr Prichard, a lecturer in criminal law discusses the hidden nature of elder abuse in our community, highlighting the plight of many elderly persons and expresses his concern that safeguards accompanying euthanasia or assisted suicide legislation will not adequately protect the elderly from pressure | Read more...

Michael Tate

Prof. Michael Tate

Hon. Research Professor, UTAS and Former Federal Minister for Justice

Prof. Michael Tate, an honorary research professor in international humanitarian law warns that legalising euthanasia will remove a fundamental civilising principle underpinning our legal system: that it is wrong to use lethal force against a person who is not trying to kill you. This will have both immediate and lasting effects for current and future generations | Read more...

Law Society

of Tasmania

Submission to the Enquiry into the Dying with Dignity Bill 2009

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Viewpoints on euthanasia and assisted suicide from eminent Tasmanians